Avatar INC | FAQ


What is our philosophy ?

"We believe that the world could be better with them"

What is Avatar Inc ?

Avatar is a startup at Montpellier France Our mission is to put a robot in every desk and every house.

How many people work in the project?


How to dowload our business plan?

To dowload our business plan you have to go in the page investor relations and click in our business plan.

What is Avatar 7.0 ?

Avatar 7.0 is a program build in C++ which will allow R-34 To:

  • talk to you,
  • Help you at home
  • Teach you several languages
  • Help your children at school
  • Find information faster.​

What is Avatar Ads ?

Avatar ads helps companies place ads in our product

Who i need to talk if i want to work in this project ?

Our team Adama : Responsible for the software development
Ambre: Responsible for the administration
COUTTOLENC Erivan: CEO and software developer
​Javier: Responsible for the expansion.
Abdou: Product manager
AUBATERRE Victor : Responsible for the software Contact information

What is R-34 ?

R-34 is a 3D robot . The idea is that one day we will have enough resources to build this machine.

When the website was build ?

The website was build in 04/02/2021 by COUTTOLENC Erivan

How long time will take to finish the product ( R-34 )?

Probably a year.